Our Latest Project – The Baitul Masroor Mosque

Baitul Masroor Mosque domeDomeshells FRP Composite “state of the art” dome building system used for the Dome and Minaret for the Baitul Masroor Mosque recently completed at Stockleigh, Brisbane. Take a look here.

Compound Curved Sandwich Shell Structures

7.0m dome design

Domeshells use of composite materials for constructing domes means superior strength (category5 cyclone rating) excellent insulation, very low maintenance for: Dome structures, dome homes, dome granny flats dome shelters, underground shelters, storm shelters, tourist accommodation, mining accommodation, sustainable villages and much more.

In our age of extremes and uncertainty get the best, the strongest, most comfortable living solution available for the 21st century.


DIY Garden Studio Dome

3.0m diamter domeThe DIY Garden Dome is our effort to make our high tech dome building system available to everyone. It’s a manual detailing and explaining how to go about building a dome structure using an inflated air-form over a slab to create the shape of the dome. . find out more here


Kalachakra World Peace Supa

World Peace Stupa Opening Ceremony at Crystal CastleDomeshells builds the Kalachakra World Peace Stupa at Crystal Castle in Byron Bay. It is one of only seven in the world and the first one of it’s type in the southern hemisphere. Each element of the tower is a separately fabricated hollow shell housing, containing thousands of offerings of peace, artifacts and blessings.

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Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) and FRP Composites

Domes, Shelters, Facades, Shrines, Sculpture, Architectural and Landscape Elements

Prototyping, pattern making, mold making and production manufacturing

Looking for “an edge”, something sharp, elegant, natural or organic for you project.

Talk to us in the early design stage.

Structural Analysis, Engineering Design Services, Design/Build.

Our multi-disciplined team is uniquely experienced in design, production and engineering of shell structures and shell elements in GRC, FRP and “Hybrid Composites”……..

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