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Pre-fabricated Modular Fibre Glass Sandwich Panels Delivered to Site


Light weight, high strength, low maintenance dome building system for accommodation of every kind including: single dome homes, multi dome houses, tourist apartments, granny flats, dome storm shelters, dome survival shelters.

 Bamboo Dome

Bamboo, steel mesh, sand and cement domes

How to Build a Dome Structure Using Bamboo, Mesh and Render

A graphical Guide by Dome  experts Wolfgang Widmoser, architect and  and Chris Brown, CEO of Domeshells Australia. A most cost effective  shell structure for building a dome home, dome apartment, storm and survival shelter.

Design Build

Design build domes, dome design, dome engineering, composites engineering

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Architectural, Structural, Design/Build, Composites Engineering, Structural Engineering. Experience and expertise for any Dome Project.


Varied dome and composite materials projects

Selection of DomeShells Projects

We specialise in compound curved architecture and composite material systems to construct light weight energy efficient and sustainable buildings


Dome Shaped Structures Make Very Strong Homes, Storm Shelters even Survival Bunkers

Dome houses are rare and so are other kinds of dome structures that may be part of a roof system such as a dome over a church or religious place of worship. In some locations domes have been built because of their ability to withstand extreme conditions , particularly wind and seismic loads. One of the oldest buildings in the world is a dome, the Pantheon in Rome is over 2000 years old and still in perfect condition. This magnificent dome structure has withstood all the ravages of invasions and sacking through time where all other buildings in Rome are in ruins.

Inherent Advantages of Domes

There are several advantages inherent in domed shape buildings. To begin with they are extremely efficient in use of materials. A dome building covers a floor area with approximately 30% less external surface area that a conventional building.

Structurally a dome is very much more efficient than conventional buildings because a dome shell structure distributes load evenly around the structure allowing it to accept significantly higher load scenarios that conventional rectangular buildings

Living in a Dome House

People who live in dome houses are almost entirely in agreement that they would never want to move back to a rectangular building. Interesting! Why is that?

From all our experience with dome buildings and dome homes and having visited several dome homes in various countries there are a few aspects which really stand out and some of these hit you as soon as you walk into the dome home.

Generally the first impression is one of space and light. Contrary to external appearances the interior of a dome is much larger that it looks from outside due to the 30% less surface area of the building. It plays an illusion.

Second impression is how absolutely comfortable it feels inside a dome shaped building. No corners, just smooth round walls and roof which feels very natural and nurturing to the human being.

Thirdly, furniture fits into a round space perfectly well. Pictures hang on the walls just the same way they do on a flat wall and actually the flow inside a round space also feels a lot more comfortable.

The Purest Sound Inside a Dome

If you study how sound waves move and interact inside of a space of any kind it will give you a good impression of how the space will feel to inhabit. For example inside of a hemispherical dome, sound is reflected from the dome shape back to the centre of the structure at the diameter.

What this means is that there is absolutely no phase cancellation or standing wave action inside a dome. The sound is pure in contrast to rectangular buildings which severely distort the purity of sound because of reflections off the walls.

Behaviour of sound in a dome shape illustrates very well how all the energy flow inside a dome feels.

In addition to orientation, Feng Shui in the design of a home or any other building deals primarily with energy and the flow of energy and how the building will FEEL to it's occupants.

The best aspects of Fen Shui are inherent in a dome.

Ventilation in Domes

A common comment made by people who live in dome houses is that they do not have a mold problem. This is due to the superior ventilation inherent when a dome is ventilated through an opening in the apex which causes the most efficient and thorough ventilation of the space below. In contrast to a conventional building a dome draws air from around its circumference expelling through the apex.

Composite Materials for Dome Construction

Domeshells has been developing and building dome shaped structures since the year 2000 focusing on the use of composite materials and fabrication systems to build lightweight structures. Composite structural skins sandwiched over a light weight foam core creates relatively lightweight panels with excellent thermal insulation.
Seven years R&D in collaboration with QUT School of Engineering, Brisbane has given us the opportunity to develop various material systems which can be used to build domes using various mold systems.

In contrast to linear construction a dome geometry (the shape) must be formed by some means other than a straight line.

Compound Curves of the Dome Shape

Domeshells does NOT build geodesic domes which are created with triangular elements to form a dome shape with facets. Domeshells has always built completely compound curved surfaces using mostly hemispherical geometry. Our domes have smooth round surfaces

Compound curves means that the surface curves in all direction. It is not just a mono curve. Creating compound curved elements requires a mold system. A pattern is made of the shape and then the composite material is applied over that shape to form the dome or the elements or pieces of the dome which can be joined at a later stage.

Methods of Constructing Domes Using Composite Material Systems

GRC/Polyurethane Foam Core

Domeshells has developed a patented system of fabricating dome structures using an airform. An airform is a ballon fabricated in the shape of the dome which is fixed around the circumference of the slab or foundation and inflated.

Once inflated, the inside of the balloon is accessed through an airlock system and from inside the airform, the various composite materials are sprayed creating a monolithic shell structure.

This system utilised high strength polymer modified, glass fiber reinforced concrete structural coatings either side of a closed cell polyurethane foam core.

The Most Advanced Materials Dome Building System

FRP (Glass and Resign/Foam Core) Aerospace Materials

More recently Domeshells has been utilising materials that are closer to aerospace materials than conventional building materials. Aerospace material systems are now cost competitive with other material systems in the construction industry. Laminate sandwich systems means that domes can be produced with extremely high performance characteristics in all respects.


The 'DreamDome' is Domeshells latest innovation in dome construction using almost exactly the same basic mold systems and techniques combined with the sophistication of production using resigns, glass fiber or carbon fibre.

Domeshells has completed a dome roof over a Mosque near Brisbane using this sandwich material system with great success. On going development including extensive structural design means that we are very close to our first residential prototype.

The 'DreamDome' is revolutionary. It is a totally prefabricated panel system that arrives on site and can be assembled in a couple of days by only a few people.  The 'DreamDome' is a category 5 rated dome structure with excellent thermal properties.

The 'DreamDome' is shelter for the 21st Century when climate change and other events will make survival a huge issue for many of us on this planet.

The Most Advanced Low-Tech Dome Building System

Bamboo, Mesh, Sand and Cement Dome Building System

Using these materials to build domes is very exciting because of its low cost and versatility. Extremely low cost in materials although high labour content makes this system ideal for many parts of the world and for people who have more time than money.

Using Bamboo Mesh and Render for dome construction produces very strong 'monolithic shell structures'. Like a sea shell the dome has no seams and with continuous reinforcement together with the mesh and the bamboo the dome shell is capable of any load imposed provided the design is appropriate.

Common Uses for Dome Structures

A dome shaped building can be used for any purpose that a conventional structure is used for including:

  • Cabins
  • Houses
  • Tourist accommodation
  • Mining accommodation
  • Storage silos
  • Survival shelters
  • Storm shelters
  • Emergency shelter
  • Disaster reconstruction
  • Extreme conditions shelter

Dome Design  Engineering

Domeshells provides a complete D&C service for any dome project. We will advise the most appropriate system for a particular project.

Speak with us early in your project to save money and get the best system for your purpose.

Our collective experience spans several continents and dome projects from tiny back yard cabins all the way to massive FRP domes in the Middle East.

Storm Shelters, Survival Shelters and Survival Bunkers

There is so much happening in our world today causing many people to think of preparing for the worst. Civil unrest and war causing massivce migrations of people into refugee situations and climate change and natural disasters of all kinds are effecting millions of people all over the world.

No one can say that they are not aware of tremendous and rappid change happening all around us. Seems the world is going crazy and our politicians seem hell bent on war and total controil of the people.

Depending on where you live these events may well make you concider alternative forms of shelter that will be more capable of providing safety and shelter in the precarious years ahead.

Domeshells Worked Towards Developing Extra Strong Shelters That Can be Adapted as Above Ground and even Underground Storm and Survival Shelters and Bunkers

You may not have a spare pile of cash to pay a specialist builder to construct the ultimate Storm Shelter or Bunker even though you might believe that would be a wise thing to do.

Build Your Own Storm Shelter or Survival Shelter

Not all of us want to go through our local building authorities or city council for permits and all the red tape associated with building habitable structures which is why we have always had in mind finding ways to do-it-yourself.

We are really excited about our Bamboo system becuase this system of building a shelter or bunker is relatively easy to do it yourself. We know this because we have trid and tested the system. To begin with it is just about the cheapest in materils and secondly it can be learned by anyone. It is a total DIY Storm Shelter system.

If you have even the slightest feeling that you should be considering getting your own survival shelter or even that you must have an alternative form of storm safe shelter and you just dont have the cash - then the next best thing you can do is buy our Bamboo Mesh and Render dome building guide because if the worst comes to the worst this system will provide you with the cheapest and strongest storm safe shelter. We have proven that you can build a structure strong enough for an underground survival bunker.

One of the best things about our survival shelter design is that it can be utilised for any size structure and you can make it as strong as you like simply by increasing thye thickness of the walls - Even if you just keep the Bamboo Mesh and Render Guide safe at home knowing that if you ever needed you will be ready to go

Structural Analysis, Engineering Design Services, Design/Build.

Our multi-disciplined team is uniquely experienced in design, production and engineering of shell structures and shell elements in GRC, FRP and "Hybrid Composites"........

For more information please fill out our CONTACT form or give us a call on Tel: 02 6680 5500 (International: +61 2 66805500).


Building with Bamboo

Build a Dome Shell Structure Using Bamboo Mesh and Render

DIY “Garden Room” Dome


A detailed Manual on
'How to build a Dome shell Structure'
using sand/cement composites and
polyurethane foam.

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