Domeshells Air-Forms

airform-7wbDomeshells manufactures most of it’s air-forms to order. We useĀ  a high quality, reinforced PVC fabric similar to the PVC material commonly used on the sides of large trucks. Reinforced PVC fabric comes in different thicknesses (weight). For air-forms up to 7.0m in diameter we use approximately 470gms fabric increasing in weight as the diameter size increases.

Air Form Cost Table

airform-5wbThe price table below for various diameters is based on hemispherical geometry of the dome shape. The smaller the dome the higher the vertical section of the mold. For example a 3.0m diameter air-form will have a vertical section below the hemisphere of either 900mm or 1200mm depending on the desired height. All air-forms include an external flap system for attaching and sealing to an air-lock.

airform-2wbAlmost any size or shape of air-form can be manufactured to order – please inquireairformpricelist-wb_0

The above prices are ex GST (10% for Australian residents). Freight to your nominated destination will be quoted separately. call us 02 66805500 or contact us

Tension Fabric Roofs, Tank and Dam Liners

Domeshells Air-Form fabricators have all the skills to manufacture any size or shape of PVC fabric. Using state of the art laser cutting system and welded seams you can be assured of the high quality work.

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