A Range of Designs

Single Dome Plans…..from 3.0m diameter

Ideal for that extra space, studio or granny flat. Below are a variety of floor plans to give you some ideas . Maybe one of these plans will suit or you can design your own interior.

Click on the images below to open a full screen .PDF

3.0m Studio Bed Building-Plans 3.0m Studio Office Building-Plans
3.0m Sauna Toilet Building-Plans 3.0m En-suite Bathroom Building-Plans
3.5m Studio Bed Building-Plans 3.5m Office Building-Plans
4.0m Option 1 Building-Plans 4.0m Option 2 Building-Plans
4.0m Option 7 Building-Plans 5.0m Option 1 Building-Plans
5.0m Option 2 Building-Plans 5.0m Option 5Building-Plans
5.0m Option 7 Building-Plans  

Granny Flats & Apartments

Designs below comply with the NSW “Granny Flat” regulations. They are all with the 60 square meters of maximum floor area.

6.0m – Motel 1Building-Plans 6.0m – Motel 2 q
7.0m – Motel 1 Building-Plans 7.0m – Motel 2Building-Plans
8.5m-One BrmBuilding-Plans 8.5m-Two Brm Building-Plans
Two 6.0m Dome Unit Building-Plans  


Multi-Dome Designs

Intersecting Domes Building-Plans Two Dome -Two Brm
Two Dome – 3 Brm Building-Plans Three Dome – 3 Brm Building-Plans