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MT Keshe Free Energy Technology

By |2024-01-04T17:29:19+11:00October 24th, 2015|Humanity, Survival, Technology|

Massive, Massive, Massive Game Changer - MT Keshe is a Great Humanitarian "Cliff Notes" short version of the highlights of the historic live-stream, free-energy announcement given Friday by the Keshe Foundation. Two years ago Keshe invited ALL governments of the world to take up his technology and make it available to [...]

Bamboo, Mesh & Render Dome Building Workshop

By |2024-01-04T17:27:49+11:00October 20th, 2015|Above Ground Shelter, Bamboo Construction, Bamboo Dome System, Cement Render, Cyclone Shelter, Disaster Reconstruction, DIY Dome, Domes, Storm Shelter|

Dome Building Workshop Near Byron Bay - 28 November to 9 December I am happy to announce I am running another Bamboo Dome Building Workshop near Billinudgel near Byron Bay. This system is the most cost effective solution to building  exceptionally strong, safe, permanent, fire proof and so comfortable dome shell structures. [...]

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