The 5.0m dia. Small Dome House

The 5.0m diameter is about the smallest size dome to comfortably make a small dome house or granny flat or tourist type of accommodation with an ensuite and mini kitchen.

Imagine how popular a 5.0m Domeshell be for Airbnb and eco-tourist accommodation. Everyone wants to know what it feels like to sleep inside a dome and once they experience they don’t want to leave.

The cost of building a 5.0m diameter basalt fibre reinforced dome – from about $50,000

Do you have a great idea about a small dome house design? if so and you would like to explore a wide range of design alternatives and combinations that will make a unique small dome house that exactly fits your needs.

Or, check out our design services that will develop your plans for the council.

5.0m diameter dome small house
small dome house with 1800 door
5.0m Dreamdome 3D Floorplan
5.0m dome bedroom unit
2 x 5m dia. small dome house

A Small Dome House

The two-dome, small-dome house design makes a cozy home for one or two people. It could also serve as a luxury tourist accommodation.

Each dome is just under 20m2 so when linked together can be at least 41 m2. The connection passage can be any width allowing more space for a laundry or storage.

There is no limit to the design possibilities for a small dome house as any size dome can be connected to form a multi-dome home.

Larger single domes can also make a small dome house.

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