Learn the Simplest Method of Building Engineer Designed Thin Concrete Shell Structures

Bush Fire Resistant – Climate Change Proof Housing

Australian Building Code Compliant – Bush Fire Code Compliant


Basalt Fibre Reinforced Dome Building Manual

  • A step by step guide
  • With detailed descriptions and images of the process
  • For people with no previous building experience
  • For trades and professional builders
  • Learn a simple method to build a comfortable dome home
  • Includes plans for a 3.0m diameter dome
  • Includes quantities calculation sheet
  • Low material costs
  • Extremely strong (withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, fire)
  • Can be engineered for any building authority
  • Meets Bush fire BAL Zone FZ
Domeshells Basalt Reinforced Dome Building Manual

What You Will Learn from the Manual

  • How to build an engineered concrete shell structure
  • How to form and pour a circular concrete slab
  • How to install basalt rebar starter bars into the slab
  • How to use the superior basalt bars to form the shape of the dome structure
  • How to design and build the forms for pre-casting window and door frames
  • How to fabricate temporary elements to use during the fabrication process
  • How to form the shape of the opening for windows and doors
  • How to fabricate a skylight opening
  • How to fabricate a skylight ring to make a breathable skylight
  • Detailed explanations and images of the process – a photographic guide
  • List of materials quantities you will need
  • Formulas for working out the quantities of materials for any size dome
  • List of Tools needed – requires minimal tools
  • Where to get your materials

Use this method to build

For DIY, Owner Builders, and Professional builders.

The Most Simple Method of Building an Engineered Concrete Dome Shell

Using this easy to learn method, you are able to construct an almost perfect geometry, thin concrete shell structure without the need of a mould and will withstand:

  • category 5 cyclones and hurricanes
  • earthquakes
  • fire
  • flood
  • termites and insects

Our Sustainable Method is Designed for Anyone to Learn

This is our solution to providing a cost- effective, sustainable solution for people everywhere to have the opportunity to build their own small house or storm shelter that will withstand the most extreme forces.

We offer a full design service to tailor to your specific needs in your specific part of the world.  Join the world wide revolution, take back your freedom, learn a skill that can save lives by being part of the world wide Domeshells building system.

The Exact Same Method Applies to Any Size Dome

The manual is a highly graphic illustration of every exact process we taught at two workshops. Each workshop ran for 7 days with six to seven mostly unskilled participants where we started with a pre-poured slab.

The manual includes a set of detailed plans, a schedule of material quantities and formulas for working out the quantities of any size dome and a lot more to make is easy for you to Do It Yourself.

The Domeshells Method is Infinitely Creative

Past students have gone on to design and build their own spectacular projects.

All you need is your imagination and a desire to create.