Domeshells 9.5m Dome Home at Ocean Shores

single dome house
9.5m dome house

Contrast the Dome Joined with a Conventional Structure

A 9.5m dome attached to a conventional skillion roofed structure – making an interesting contrast between the two very different architectural styles and two very different structural systems. The conventional part of the house is a timber-framed rectangular building with a skillion roof. This part of the structure seems to seamlessly attach to the 9.5 m dome.

The dome was fabricated first and then the timber-framed part framed up to 10 mm clearance between the shell wall. A waterproof flexible joint was created at the junction of the dome and the rectangular building around the walls and roof using a sheet rubber system.

What is in The Dome

The dome consists of 3 bedrooms, a large bathroom and a laundry with a generous hallway servicing all rooms. Some, but not all the partition walls go to the roof/ceiling of the dome which still allows the feeling of the expansive dome ceiling. The other walls only travel about 2.4m high.

The rectangular part of the building houses a kitchen and living area with a timber deck off the north-facing side.

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