Q. Why Dome Buildings?

Because the concept of a dome dwelling is more logical and practical than a conventional rectangular building.

If only the answer was that simple! After nearly a decade of trial and error, intensive testing, research, development and old fashioned “sweat off your brow” hard work, we are proud of our ability to demonstrate Domeshells superior features.

In practical terms Domeshells can be made to withstand;

  • category 5 Cyclone.
  • hail the size of baseballs.
  • earthquakes
  • flooding over the roof
  • bush fire (BCA testing pending)
  • extreme heat and cold

They are;

  • more energy efficient (Aust R value = R3 or 97% efficient).
  • 100% termite proof.
  • are vermin proof.
  • require less maintenance.
  • are faster to construct.
  • cost effective buildings.
  • versatile & adaptable
  • insulate against noise.
  • leak proof.
  • spacious self supporting structures.
  • natural round shape.
  • environmentally efficient – (no timber or steel used in construction and a fraction of  cement).

If only they were Domeshells.

Recent earthquakes hailstorms, winds, flood and fire have caused millions of dollars worth of damage to homes and devastated peoples lives calling for more resilient construction techniques.

Old Cliche Number 1  – “Don’t cut corners”

This has always been a worthy sentiment, but now, one that is perhaps in need of revision; because we at Domeshells have done just that, demonstrably and without any of the implied disadvantages.

Old Cliche Number 2 – “Think outside of the square”

Yes, it’s is a cliche, but ultimately worthy of use in this instance because; while you’re relaxing in your new Domeshell home, you might also contemplate what it was like to clean out the gutters.

Old Cliche Number 3 – “There’s always a catch”

At Domeshells, we would respectfully like to re-define this adage to, “there is no catch”. Domeshells are BCA Compliant, meaning our buildings fully meet the Standards of the Building Code of Australia. Domeshells are also 100% First Home Builders Grant (FHBG) eligible.

Old Cliche Number 4 – “You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole”.

A common critique of our designs is that conventional furniture might not fit so well in a round building. Well, it does, it’s a misconception and what is much more interesting is that you have the opportunity to be infinitely creative and we can help you. Ask anyone who lives in a dome house and they are likely to tell you that they would never go back to living in a square box if they could help it.

The space inside a dome is all encompassing and works in a natural and harmonious way.  Of course you have to think outside of the square. Domeshells is for people who are looking to get out of the square, who are looking for real alternatives to the status quo.

Got A Question? Have a Dome FAQ?

Ask Us Here – and we will get back to you. The Domeshells team is open, approachable and transparent.  We are a collection of real people, dedicated to the task of quantum leaping the way we humans settle within our landscapes. For an informal chat call:+61 2 66770216