Selection of Domeshells Dome Projects

Please enjoy a walk through a selection of our dome projects.

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modular concrete homes
Bespoke - 3 x 8.0m dia. Dome Home
3 Dome Home
3 x 8.0m Dome Home
9.5m dome house
9.5m diameter Dome Home
Kalachakra World Peace Stupa Byron Bay
Kalachakra World Peace Stupa
3.0m diameter relocatable dome
3.0m Studio Dome
Internal 3.5 Garden Room Studio
3.5m dia. Studio Dome
8.0m dia. Studio Dome
3.5 Bamboo frame dome
Bamboo and Reinforced Dome Shells
Mosque dome
Mosque Dome
Fix mesh to the dome frame
Dome Building Workshops

Versatile and Innovative Shell Structure Technology

Domeshells has completed a variety of dome projects that include tiny backyard cabin dome studios, single-dome homes, and multi-dome homes. In addition, Domeshells has applied various elements of its building systems and technology to other projects that have required a special solution such as the World Peace Stupa at Crystal Castle in Byron Bay, Australia.

Domeshells has expertise in “fibre-reinforced concrete” and the application of basalt fibre reinforcements in concrete.

We also specialize in curved and compound curved concrete elements such as facades with wall thicknesses of only 15mm.

From simple curved concrete elements to highly complex designs, We provide solutions.

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