Domeshells Air Forms for Building Dome Structures

3.0m air form

Domeshells manufactures air-forms to order.

We use  a high quality, reinforced PVC fabric.

Reinforced PVC fabric comes in different thickness (weight).

For air-forms up to 7.0m in diameter we use approximately 470 gms fabric increasing in weight as the diameter size increases.

Some systems leave the air-form over the shell for waterproofing in which case the UV properties of the air form need to be the best possible.

Air Form Cost Table

dome air formThe price table below for various diameters is based on spherical geometry of the dome shape. The smaller the dome the higher the vertical section of the air form below the diameter line.

For example a 3.0m diameter air-form will have a vertical section below the hemisphere of either 1000mm depending on the desired height. All air-forms include an external flap system for attaching and sealing to an air-lock.

domeshells air form-2

Almost any size or shape of air-form can be manufactured to order – please inquire

Domeshell Current Air Form Pricing

domeshells air form price list

The above prices to not include shipping to your nominated destination and will be quoted separately. Call us 02 +61 2 6677 0216 or contact us