Benefits of Building a Dome-Shaped Concrete Shell Structure

Interior 8.0m dome


1. Superior Strength and Durability: Feel safe in Domeshells’ basalt fiber reinforced concrete dome that offers unmatched strength and durability. They are exceptionally resistant to all extreme forces making them suitable for for storm shelter applications.

2. Infinite Design Possibilities: Choose one of our standard geometry designs for the best economy.  However, the Domeshells system offers infinite design possibilities, allowing the creation of unique and personalized structures tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

3. Lower Energy Costs: A Domeshell contains high levels of internal thermal mass that is covered by a layer of lightweight insulating concrete that insulates the inner structural shell and also substantially increases fire resistance. Domeshells are more energy efficient compared to traditional construction methods, resulting in lower energy costs for homeowners.

4. Experience the Still Comfort of Dome Living: Dome spaces have been measured to contain a heightened level of energy

5. Training, Learning and Courses: On-site training, hands-on workshops, E-manuals and Online courses.

6. Design Services: We take your project from concept to architectural and structural design required by your council.

7. Materials: Only a few materials are needed to build a Domeshell that are easy to source locally. Domeshells provides basalt fiber reinforcing, air forms, hand-held sprayers and blower fans to our dome builders.

8. Plant and Equipment: Including rigid fiberglass molds and a mini shotcrete spraying machine.  We help owners and builders through the complete design and building process.  

9. Value! More protection & longevity for your dollar You can not beat it!

Designed from the ground up to resist extreme forces.

Survive Any Weather Event in a Domeshell

“the most bush fire resistant house construction in Australia”

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Dome Design Services

Get in touch. Talk to us about what you have in mind. Find out about our process. We will help you achieve the best design solution for you and your budget.  

Dome Building Training & Education

Our manuals and Online courses are designed to teach anyone how to build their own Domeshell

“Learn How to Build with Basalt Fibre Reinforced Concrete”

3.0m Dome Montage

Domeshells are the perfect alternative building solution for off-grid and prepper communities for anyone who wants a safe structure to live, for people who have been devastated by catastrophic events.

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The New Way to Live

Ultimate comfort and protection against:

  • bush fire
  • cyclone, hurricane
  • earthquake
  • hail
  • termites
  • corrosion
  • flood damage
  • Cabins
  • Multi dome homes
  • Shelters
  • Underground/above ground

Special Qualities of Domes

The most common response from people who live in dome homes is that they do not want to go back to living in a rectangular house.

  • a natural calming feeling
  • no corners – energy flows
  • unique pure sound  no  distortions.
  • sacred geometry is inherent in the circle
  •  35% less external surface area – less materials

When you combine all of the above you get a naturally comfortable space that feels strong, safe and secure that will out perform any other form of structure.

Basalt Dome Building Manual

This manual describes the most simple system of building a basalt fiber-reinforced concrete dome shell structure”.

Learn the basics of the Domeshells system.

Follow step-by-step tutorials to build your own structures with confidence. Unlock the potential of concrete shell structures.

Bamboo Dome Building Guide

The purple dome is a 3.5m diameter dome (9.6m2) that is built the Domeshells way using split bamboo, galvanized mesh, sand and cement.
This method was used in Lombok to build a number of dome units up to 7.0m diameter at the Mentigi Bay Resort.
These dome survived an earthquake that flattened a village nearby.
The guide covers how it was done in Lombok the Indonesian way and also out two first test domes built using bamboo.
 We show how to harvest, treat, split and store the bamboo before going on to demonstrate how to use it to fabricate beautiful, extremely strong concrete shell structures

The 3.0m diameter Relocatable Dome Shell 

extra space – studio – day room – office

Manufactured in Murwillumbah NSW. The 3.0m diameter dome can be delivered anywhere

Basalt Reinforcing Products

Domeshells pioneered the use of “basalt fibre” concrete renforcing products in Australia.

Basalt fibre is extruded from molten basalt rock mine tailings. It produces a fibre twice the tensile strength of steel and only a quarter of the weight. It does not rust or corrode.

Projects Gallery

View a range of projects we have completed from 3.0m diameter up to 9.5m diameter.


More About Domes

Perfect Solution for Climate Change

The dome shape combined with the right materials makes an almost indestructible building. Domeshells simple construction method combined with our unique material system offers the most cost effective, sustainable buildings that will withstand the worst that climate change can throw.

If you want a future proof house, a house that will withstand category 5 cyclones, earthquakes, fire, flood, insect attack and more –  then Domeshells is the answer.

Purest Sound Inside a Dome

Sound is reflected from the dome shape back to the center of the structure at the diameter. The sound is pure in contrast to rectangular buildings.

Behavior of sound in a dome shape illustrates how all the energy flows inside a dome – no stagnant energy stuck in corners.

Ventilation in Domes

A common comment made by people who live in dome houses is that they do not have a mold problem. This is due to the superior ventilation inherent when a dome is ventilated through an opening in the apex which causes the most efficient and thorough ventilation of the space below. In contrast to a conventional building, a dome draws air from around its circumference expelling through the apex.

Compound Curves of the Dome Shape

Domeshells designs use mostly hemispherical geometry with smooth round surfaces

Compound curves mean that the surface curves in all direction. It is not just a mono curve. Creating compound curved elements requires a mold system.

Domeshells does NOT design or build geodesic domes which are created with triangular elements to form a dome shape with facets.

The Domeshells Building System is Ideally Suitable for:

  • Cabins
  • Houses
  • Yoga & Meditation Studios
  • Tourist accommodation
  • Mining accommodation
  • Storage silos
  • Survival shelters
  • Storm shelters
  • Emergency shelter
  • Disaster reconstruction
  • Extreme conditions shelter

Storm Shelters, Survival Shelters and Fire Bunkers

There is so much happening in our world today causing many people to think of preparing for the worst. Civil unrest and war causing massive migrations of people into refugee situations and climate change, seismic activity and natural disasters of all kinds are affecting millions of people all over the world.

More and more people are moving away from the cities back to rural towns and ares. Forming communities, getting back to nature and living off-grid  is becoming more popular and desirable.

Our domes are specifically designed for the survival of the worst possible scenario in mind.  They are strong and solid. They are also capable of being underground and/or earth-covered.

For more information please fill out our CONTACT FORM or give us a call on Tel: 02 6677 0216 (International: +61 2 6677 0216).