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Products and Services

The Most Simple and Cost Effective Method of Building Dome Structures

When it comes to dome building, Domeshells offers a wide range of services to help you with any dome building project

Design Services

Domeshells provides a complete design service from Development Applications to detailed working drawings and structural engineer design and certification. In fact all the design documentation you will need for your local council or private certifier. To find out more and how to go about commencing a dome building project – read more here

Dome Building Guides, Manuals and Online Courses

Find Out More Here

Basalt Fibre Reinforcing for Concrete

Basalt fibre (from basalt rock) has many advantages over steel for
concrete reinforcement, especially as applied in the reinforcing of
concrete dome structures.

  • Two times the tensile strength of steel
  • 20% the weight steel, 
  • it does not rust (no concrete cancer),
  • is not subject to chemical attack
  • the same thermal coefficient as concrete.
  • Domeshells is a supplier of a range of basalt, concrete reinforcing products.
  • Read more information
    about basalt concrete reinforcing products here.
Basalt fibre reinforcing for concrete
Basalt Fibre Concrete Reinforcing

Dome Moulds and Air Forms

The no mould method. We have even developed a method of constructing our domes without the need for any type of mould.

This method has been used to construct domes up to 7.0m in diameter. It is low tech and labour intensive, appropriate for certain situations and circumstances.


May 2021 Dome Building Workshop

The air form method

Using an inflated balloon fabricated in the shape of the dome is the next most efficient method of constructing a Domeshell structure.

It is a combination of our “no mould” method with an air form that saves a lot of labour and also produces a more refined result.

The above methods will be covered in our  online dome building workshop.

The rigid mould method

Using a fibreglass rigid mould is by far the most efficient and most labour saving method.

To date we have an 8.0m diameter rigid mould that fixes over a slab.

It is combined with moulds for doors and windows.

8.0m Fibreglass dome mold


Our most basic method requires the minimal equipment. It could be done without electricity as the concrete and render material could be mixed and placed by hand. Possible but primitive

The hand held air driven render sprayer. 

The hand held spray machine on the left is a great way to get mud up on the wall fast.

 This small spray machine is a relatively cheap, fast and effective way of getting material on any wall surface. Available now from Domeshells Shop


Domeshells mini concrete shot-crete machine. This by far the most efficient method as this machine enables almost any size dome do be sprayed up in one day.

Domeshells provides a shot-crete machine and crew service to DIY, owner builders and builders for their projects.

For any professional builder intending to make dome construction their business, this is the ideal machine for you. Contact us directly about obtaining one of these machines

domeshell mini shot crete machine
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