Domeshell Design Services

Infinitely Creative Design Possibilities

Our standard design geometry is based on spherical geometry but any geometric design is possible with our methods.

We design and build domes from 3.0m diameter up to 10.0m in diameter either as stand alone or connected multiple domes

Underground and Earth Covered

A concrete dome structure is  the most efficient and cost effective underground or earth covered structure.

Table of Floor Areas

  • 3.0m diameter –  7.0 m2  –  (76 sq ft)
  • 3.5m diameter –  9.6 m2  –  (103 sq ft)
  • 5.0m diameter –  19.6 m2  –  (304 sq ft)
  • 7.0m diameter –  38.5 m2  –  (414 sq ft)
  • 8.0m diameter –  50.2 m2  –  (541 sq ft)
  • 9.0m diameter –  63.6 m2  –  (685 sq ft)
  • 10.0m diameter – 78.5 m2  –  (844 sq ft)

Architectural Design

We provide a complete design service for plans and drawings to take to council for your project. Our designer will work closely with you to produce:

  • a design that works for you
  • documents for a development application
  • detailed working drawings
Three dome home

Structural Design

The footing/foundations, slab and dome shell require to be designed by a suitably qualified structural engineer.

Once your architectural drawings are developed to a certain stage the plans are sent to our engineer to design the reinforcing elements of the concrete. The slab can be reinforced with steel or basalt reinforcing but the dome shell is designed using basalt fibre reinforcing bars.

Information provided by the “geotechnical engineer” and the applicable wind zone you are located, allow the engineer to design the reinforcing system.

Our engineer will provide a detailed drawing of all the reinforcing bars placement together with a “Structural Certificate” that is required by any council in order to comply with the Australian Building Code.

Wire Frame - 3x 8.0m dome house

What do we need from you?

When you are ready to start the design process we will need:

  • a written brief describing in as much detail as possible, your requirements and preferences
  • sketches – we want to see your doodles and sketches as it helps us understand what you have in mind
  • site plan – showing the boundary dimensions of the site and the legal description of the site
  • mark up the location of existing structures and the location and orientation of your proposed structure
  • a geotechnical engineers site soil classification and report – this is required for the structural design
  • the “Bush Fire Attack Level” (BAL) of the site – your local council is likely to already have a classification for your zone but may require you, in some circumstance to obtain a “bush fire” consultants report that will take into consideration the unique attributes of your site
3 x 8.0m dome design

Bush Fire Compliance

Domeshells exceed the highest rating under the “Australian Bush Fire Code”. There is no combustible material in the shell and no seams or joins that could allow ember penetration to the building. If you are in a bush fire zone it may already have a rating applied to it known as the “Bush Fire Attack Level” (the BAL rating) that ranges form BAL 19 to BAL FZ, the highest rating.

Windows and doors will be specified to also meet the same rating. There are options in how bush fire requirements can be met.


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How to start the process taking your dream to reality?

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