The Ultimate Bush Fire Resistant House - up to BAL FZ Zones

A Domeshell home is constructed entirely from non-combustible materials.

The external material system of a Domeshells home exceeds the Australian Bush Fire Code for the highest level – Flame Zone (BAL FZ).

There are no combustible materials in its structure.

The structure of our domes consist of one hundred millimeters thick structural concrete with an overlay of lightweight insulating concrete, meaning that a Domeshell could virtually withstand a blast furnace.

Not all bush fire resistant construction is equal. If you want to remain confident that the house you are living in can nott burn, then you seriously need to consider a Domeshells home.

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What is the most fire resistant Building Material?

Concrete and Lightweight Concrete! Concrete is one of the most common building materials. It is also the most affordable fire-resistant material for a home in a bush fire zone.

In addition, Domeshells outer layer consists of a thermal, non-combustible and highly fire protective layer of PERLITE concrete or Hemp Crete. Fire protective properties of perlite and hemp-crete are utilized for fire proofing structural components of buildings

Concrete is noncombustible and has low thermal conductivity, meaning that it takes a long time for fire to affect its structural, load-bearing ability, and it protects from the spread of fire.

A Domeshell has no seams in it’s structure, preventing embers from being able to find their way in or ignite other flammable materiel within the structure.

All Australian Design and Development

Domeshells has been developing and refining its dome building system over many years and is proud to say that we believe we have the most simple and cost effective method of building dome shaped structures – in the world.

Our architectural and structural design team will take care of everything you require for council submission.

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Are thinking of building a new home and you are in a bush fire zone or, you want to live in a cyclone proof, fire resistant house or you simply love curved architecture and the feeling of living inside the sacred energy of a dome space.

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