Domeshells vision is to develop simple, cost effective methods of building dome shaped concrete shell structures for the benefit of DIY and professional builders and to promote that knowledge and technology to the world for homes and shelter of all types under all operating conditions including cyclone, hurricane, earthquake, flood, fire, bush fire, heat, cold and insects.


Deliver a range of services including excellent on line education and information about how to build strong, safe concrete shell structures for homes and shelter designed to support DIY, Owner Builders and Builders.


Profile – Chris Brown CEO and Co-Founder of Domeshells

CHRIS BROWN – Co-founder and CEO of Domeshells Australia Pty. Ltd

His interest in building innovation originates from helping Zulus build “Rondavels” in South Africa as a child. This exotic grounding combined with Chris’s many years of diverse construction experience and particular interest in concrete composites and shell structures lead him down the path of developing Domeshells unique building systems.

Chris has pursued an interest in developing dome building methods since 2000. Designing and building dome structures utilizing various material systems and methods in pursuit of a method and material system that enables anyone with basic building skills and access to common materials to build a concrete shell structure capable of sustaining extreme loads and forces. His experience is underpinned by the benefit of 7 years of Australian Research Council-funded joint research and development in collaboration with QUT Brisbane in relation to composite shell structures.

Chris is inspired by a vision to combine modular design, utilizing simple materials combined with a simple method of construction.


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