Domeshells Launches ‘Beta’ Online Dome Building Workshop

Commencing first Live Webinars 15 November 2021 – Learn from Chris Brown 20 years experience designing and building concrete shell structures

Now people all over the world and even you can come into our Beta version of an online Remote Dome Building Workshop. What does that mean?

It means for a fraction of the price of one of our full week long immersive hands-on training, you can attend an intensive 10 day on-line workshop comprising a series of webinars and videos that cover every aspect of building a 3.0m dome.

During the workshop we will track an actual remote workshop in QLD that nearby students can attend for practical experience. Students will receive an e-manual, designs and plans as part of the course hand outs.

The principals taught in the workshop apply to any size dome. We teach the most simple and cost effective method of building exceptionally high performing and comfortable buildings in the shape of a dome using basalt fibre reinforced concrete.

Our 10 day workshop with webinars on 6 of those days for only $792.00.  Find out more here

Become a Lifetime Founding Member by Investing in our Workshop. Be one of the first to learn a new way to build that can be done by anyone anywhere in the world.

After 20 years of designing and building domes I am making my first major step into doing what has been in my mind for a very long time. That is create excellent online educational and training material.

We had to cancel 3 live workshops due to the current situation. People cannot wait. I cannot wait. Our product is tested and ready to go. The time is right now in every way for me to commence the process of teaching online

Find out more here