Student Built 3.5m Dome Cabin

We recently visited one of our early dome workshop projects at Temple Byron in Byron Bay.

Temple Byron is a feast for the eyes and soul as we walk around the beautiful crystal lined gardens and driveway. Temple Byron is a place where you can hire what was once a martial arts Dojo and is now a hall capable of holding up to about 100 people. The hall is an ideal venue for health and well being related workshops. For a more intimate space you can hire the ten metre diameter yurt but if you want to get really cozy you can hire this beautiful 3.5m diameter dome.

Its 10m2 and roomy enough for up to 12 people meeting or a one to one session. Visit the Temple Byron website.

Simple Dome Building System – Learn to build a dome cabin just like this or larger

Domeshells runs one week long workshops where we teach you how to build a concrete shell structure.  Over one week we build a dome from start to finish. You will learn hands-on the methods and techniques for arranging non-combustible materials into an extremely strong dome shell structure.

A Domeshells material system exceeds bush fire building code requirements

The concrete shell is a combination of a structural shell made from high strength concrete and an outer skin made from lightweight concrete. This material system is completely non-combustible and is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.